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Welcome to your Lineas newsletter!

Dear customer,


Welcome to your Lineas newsletter! With this initiative, we want to keep you informed about all the latest Lineas developments and ensure you're always in the loop.

It's been six months since I took on the role of Chief Commercial Officer here at Lineas, and what a journey it has been!

Based on my experience at Procter & Gamble and fast-growing e-commerce startups, I see a lot of proven recipes for success being applied within the new Lineas' approach: an entrepreneurial spirit, agility, data-driven insights, customer-centricity, and a relentless pursuit of service excellence.

Among the most remarkable milestones that have happened during this time:


  • Successful contract renegotiations: Lineas renewed the vast majority of the contracts which were up for renewal, with a contract churn of less than 5% of our revenues, which demonstrates your customer satisfaction, bonding and confidence towards the future.
  • Renewed investor confidence behind strong results: Despite challenging macroeconomic conditions, which led to a majority of RU’s experiencing a deterioration of their financial results, we were able to cut our losses by more than half and we are on track to break even in 2024, one year ahead of schedule. As a consequence, our investors renewed their confidence in Lineas’ transformation plan, injecting EUR 30 million extra capital and converting EUR 34 million of debt into equity.
  • Multiple strategic initiatives successfully led to completion: The winning of a majority of the zones from the RailPort tender and its smooth implementation in due time, the activation of our new operator role for the Port of Antwerp neutral hill, the successful restructuring of Lineas intermodal offering,…   


And during these first 6 months, what struck me the most is what is making Lineas so unique in its industry:


  • The customer centricity: Our relentless focus on customer satisfaction is a clear differentiator. We measure our customer mood every week, and analyze the key drivers of each score to improve the customer experience through concrete actions.
  • The digital innovation: We continuously improve our MyLineas platform, and offer you a variety of functions to optimize processes and improve your experience and control over your operations.
  • The people power: The dedication and quality of our people are the foundation of Lineas' success. Their commitment to excellence is evident in every interaction.


As we look into the future, the horizon looks bright for both Lineas and our customers. Together, we're on track for continued success and innovation.


In this newsletter, we'd like to give you an insight into some recent projects. You'll find an update on the Neutral Hill Services we provide at the Antwerp shunting hill, an introduction to our FAME locomotive, a short video on our customer-centric spirit and a presentation of our latest ESG brochure.


Thanks for entrusting us with your business. We're looking forward to many more milestones and shared victories!


Luc Pirenne

Chief Commercial Officer