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We listen, understand, and provide cost-effective, reliable tailored solutions. Decades of experience ensure your bulk commodities and specialized cargo are efficiently and securely transported.

Logistics solutions should offer speed, geographic coverage, capacity, affordability and the assurance that any type or volume of cargo is securely & safely transported to and from any location - with minimal environmental impact.


As Europe’s largest private rail freight operator and provider of choice for leading companies, we deliver rail and logistics solutions tailored to your needs.



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  • 24/7/365 track & trace of your transports
  • Compliance with safety standards and environmental guidelines
  • Special transportation conditions for time-sensitive goods and perishables
  • Cross-border regulations and customs taken care of
  • Fast and easy transfer from one mode of transport to another
  • Expertise through Lineas’ dedicated industry divisions


Cutting emissions and congestion with end-to-end multimodal solutions

Over 11 million new cars are sold in Europe annually. Transporting cars can be costly, especially over longer distances through multiple countries - each with their own rules related to transport, taxation, and customs. Next to logistical expenses you need to consider fuel, tolls, labor, and more…


Moving hundreds of automobiles at once is more efficient, cost-effective, and sustainable. Lineas makes this safe, fast, and easy. We take care of customs procedures, optimize routes, schedules and costs, and make sure shipments don’t add to congestion or negatively affect the environment.


Tailored solutions for your heavy cargo needs

In the steel industry, you often need to deal with heavy, high-volume bulk materials. That's why Lineas provides pickups and deliveries directly to and from your sites, avoiding crowded or congested areas. Our top priority is ensuring that all transports adhere to strict safety standards and environmental guidelines, while also accommodating customs regulations and the differences in rail infrastructure and procedures.


Whether you're dealing with specific cargo types, raw materials, or finished products, we're here to support your supply chain. We can provide additional capacity precisely when you need it, whether planned or on short notice. 


Connecting Europe’s chemical hubs: safe, flexible and compliant

Rail offers chemical transports many benefits: predictable and consistent delivery times, economies of scale, lower transportation costs per unit, and enhanced safety. However, cross-border chemical transports must comply with numerous international environmental standards and regulations.


Lineas chemical transports comply with the strictest environmental and safety standards. With years of experience, we offer the flexibility, efficiency, security, sustainability, and compliance you need.

Industrial and Consumer Goods

Fast-moving and flexible solutions, tailored for you

Tight schedules, evolving supply chain demands, and the need for cost-effective shipping solutions: constant challenges in the world of industrial and consumer goods. It’s essential to find cost-effective solutions for both short-distance shipments and long-haul bulk goods, while staying agile in a world of changing customer preferences.


Lineas offers the perfect solution: rail operations that can scale up effortlessly. We offer you economic and environmental advantages and connect major hubs with frequent and reliable rail services and intermodal solutions. Our block train services, for instance, allow you to reserve an entire train on short notice, providing you with great flexibility in volume and scheduling.

Container transport

Seamless multimodal transport for international trade, with optimized terminal-to-terminal delivery times

When it comes to moving your valuable cargo, we understand that time is essential. Intermodal transport is the solution: the most convenient way to transport your goods, saving you valuable time, reducing costs and decarbonizing your supply chain.

Lineas ensures a seamless process for international trade and multimodal transport. Efficient transfers are designed to optimize terminal-to-terminal delivery times.


Lineas' intermodal wagons, each equipped with a unique identification number for easy management and tracking, move intermodal loading units directly from one port or terminal to another. This enhanced visibility allows us to make informed decisions about route optimization and identifying & resolving bottlenecks in order to help you steer your resources.

Special transports

Expertise in handling, loading, and transporting unusual cargo safely and efficiently

Need to move exceptionally large, unusually shaped, highly sensitive, or hazardous freight in or between European countries? Lineas has considerable experience transporting exceptional goods and takes every precaution to ensure your cargo arrives safely and on time. From public infrastructure, military, and industrial equipment to nuclear and toxic materials, rail locomotives and more.


A dedicated team looks after end-to-end monitoring and follow-up of your cargo. Custom solutions are developed for each exceptional transport, based on, for example, the nature and dimensions of your freight, infrastructure, or timing regulations en route and at the point of delivery.

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Joris Gielen - Steel, Cars & Special transports

Ben Nagels - Industrial & Consumer Goods

Martijn Elbers - Intermodal transports