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Lineas proudly presents the new FAME locomotive, a milestone in sustainable transportation innovation.

On March 28, Lineas organized a small event to officially launch the new FAME locomotive. With this locomotive, we want to highlight our commitment to finding sustainable solutions to reduce CO2 emissions in the transport sector.

FAME, short for Fatty Acid Methyl Ester, is a biofuel produced from sources like used cooking oil. While it is already used in marine engines and simple combustion systems, waste-based FAME has not been used in locomotives until now. Lineas had the premiere of being the first rail freight operator to test this eco-friendly alternative.


We are currently in the final testing phase, expected to finish by June of this year. These tests, conducted in collaboration with Cargill, are critical to validate the performance and reliability of FAME-powered locomotives before their actual deployment.


With the FAME livery on this locomotive, we want to highlight the importance of biofuels such as FAME: it is a readily available alternative to diesel, that can be used on non-electrified railroad lines such as those in Flemish ports.


Using FAME offers significant emission reductions, provided it meets strict criteria. Therefore, Lineas ensures independent certification of sustainability in accordance with RED II regulation. Emission reductions amount to up to 84% compared to conventional diesel. "The tests currently being conducted with FAME highlight our efforts to implement sustainable transportation solutions”, says Bernard Gustin, our Executive Chairman. "We are committed to reducing our environmental footprint while ensuring the efficiency and reliability of our services."


Even if freight transport by rail is already the greenest transportation solution, we’re determined to make it even more sustainable. This way, we can help our customers significantly reduce their transport emissions, without compromising on our service quality.


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