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Driving Sustainability: Lineas proudly presents its new ESG Brochure

In our commitment to sustainable freight transport, we are proud to present our ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) brochure. This document summarizes our dedication to environmental and social responsibility, and due governance practices.

Our brochure highlights the environmental benefits of rail freight, including its role in reducing carbon emissions and air pollution, and easing traffic congestion. It also emphasizes the significant societal savings - exceeding EUR 500 million per year - compared to road freight.


Beyond environmental impact, Lineas is committed to the sustainability of its own operations and supply chain. This brochure also includes our ESG action plan, which describes our efforts to integrate sustainability into all areas of our operations: from climate action initiatives to employee wellbeing and promoting sustainable supply chains.


By embracing sustainable practices and encouraging collaboration with our customers and stakeholders, Lineas is paving the way for a greener future for freight transport in Europe. Explore our ESG brochure now!


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