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A strong ambition in CO2 reduction and ESG

Walking the talk

Rail freight. More relevant than ever.

Rail freight is, without any doubt, the most sustainable freight transport mode.

By enabling the modal shift from road to rail, Lineas aims to make a positive impact on society and address issues in multiple areas, such as climate change, congestion, air quality, and health and safety.


At Lineas, we also fully embrace our broad societal responsibility towards our main stakeholders: employees, customers, partners, and shareholders. ESG objectives and priorities are integral to how we operate and are taken on board at every stage of managerial decision-making.

In line with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) framework and our own strategic vision, our ESG efforts revolve around four essential sustainability pillars:


  1. Responding to climate change: We are actively working to combat climate change, reducing our environmental footprint to protect our planet.
  2. Valuing human capital: Our people are our greatest asset. We invest in their well-being, growth, and development, creating a workplace that values and supports every individual.

  3. Building sustainable and resilient supply chains: We're committed to developing supply chains that are not only sustainable but also resilient in the face of challenges, ensuring the continuity of our services.

  4. Engage and make our efforts visible: We believe in transparency and actively engage with our stakeholders to create positive change. We want our efforts to be visible and inspiring to others.