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MyLineas: the ultimate track&trace platform for your rail freight operations

MyLineas allows you to manage your transports, at every stage and at any moment. You have immediate access to your freight's location and real-time status, keeping you informed every step of the way.

  • A direct view on what Lineas has planned for you
  • Check-in of your transports directly in the customer portal
  • Real-time and ETA-driven info on your transports
  • Visualize your rail freight operations on the interactive map, giving you a comprehensive overview of your transports at a glance

With our feature-rich customer platform you stay ahead of unexpected events, ensuring a hassle-free organization of your transports,

  • at all times - 24/7
  • through push notifications notifying you of any delays or disruptions
  • via intuitive dashboards
  • across devices


For seamless integration with your existing systems, we offer API connectivity, allowing you to connect your transportation management system and streamline your processes even further.


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We’re working hard to make the most of digitalization and automation, and add real value for our customers. Customer response to MyLineas is excellent – in some cases, ratings have never been higher.

Reactions show that the solution provides an accurate, up-to-date overview, is easy to use, offers the precise information and context people need, and helps to manage supply chains and reporting tightly.

Edwin Eurlings
Manager CX Digitalization, Lineas