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Whistleblower system of LINEAS Deutschland GmbH

In order to prevent white-collar crime and other fraudulent acts and to protect the reputation and assets of the Lineas Group, a whistleblower system has been set up to report possible suspected cases of white-collar crime. The whistleblower system also serves as a complaints procedure under the German Supply Chain Due Diligence Act. 


For Lineas, safe, responsible, and legally compliant behavior and our ethical principles are paramount in all business activities. 




Our whistleblowing policy aims to identify unlawful misconduct, i.e. misconduct that is subject to criminal prosecution or fines, as well as other legal violations or machinations that could seriously damage our reputation, as early as possible. By doing so, it aims to protect the company, employees or other persons as well as our customers, suppliers, business partners and other stakeholders from criminal prosecution, economic, financial or reputational damage.  


In addition to information about reasonable suspicions or actual knowledge of white-collar crime, such as corruption, antitrust violations, fraud and embezzlement, money laundering and combating terrorism, product safety and compliance requirements, occupational health and safety or data protection, this also includes, to a particular extent, behavior that is directed against the guarantee of rail operational safety, the safe transport of dangerous goods and/or environmental and waste regulations.   


If you, as an employee, customer or business partner or even as an outsider, have gained knowledge or information about criminal conduct or serious misconduct in connection with a professional activity, we will be happy to receive this information. 


Confidentiality and anonymity 


The whistleblower system allows you to report information to Lineas while maintaining the confidentiality of your identity. It is guaranteed that as a whistleblower, if you report a specific suspected case in good faith, you will not have to fear any negative consequences as a result of this report. However, the Lineas whistleblower system may not be used to deliberately submit false or even malicious reports. 


As a whistleblower, you can report your information confidentially and anonymously if you wish. Your report is subject to the strict protection and confidentiality requirements of the Whistleblower Protection Act. 


Possibilities for whistleblowing 


As a whistleblower, you have various options for reporting information. Regardless of the reporting channel, confidentiality - and, at your request, your anonymity - is guaranteed to a particularly high degree. 


Direct reporting procedure of the internal reporting office 

You can submit your report at any time to the organization. 


  • in person:
    make an appointment by telephone  
  • by telephone:
    M: +49 160 25 16 520 (independent of the Group)
    M: +49 160 96953608 (Group number) 
  • In writing:
    In person/confidential
    Mr. Thorsten Chr. Pohlmann
    Legal and Regulatory Compliance
    Lineas Germany GmbH
    Mombacher Str 4
    D-55122 Mainz
  • by e-mail: 


By using the telephone number independent of the Group, we ensure that your call cannot be traced by the organization. 


You can also ask for a prompt appointment.  


Alternatively, you can conveniently fill out a questionnaire. 


External reporting office  

The reporting channels through which you can contact the federal government's external reporting office are published on the website of the Federal Ministry of Justice. Further information can be found on the website of the Federal Ministry of Justice.


In antitrust matters, you can also contact the Federal Cartel Office, regardless of the outcome of the internal reporting procedure. 


Important note 

In the event of current dangers or threatening situations, please get in touch with the known emergency numbers or the nearest police station first. 


Before submitting a report, Lineas offers you information and advice on existing remedies and procedures for protection against reprisals. Please feel free to contact the reporting office. 


Please note: A deliberately false report can have criminal consequences.