We are Lineas. Your Freight Force.

Lineas is one of the largest private rail freight operators in Europe offering premium rail products and total door-to-door logistics solutions. 

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About us

Lineas, the Spanish word for “lines”, reflects the smart connections we have established between economic centres throughout Europe, the strong connections we build with our customers, partners and colleagues, and the innovative data transfer lines we build to support better, smarter, easier logistics solutions for our customers.

Moreover, we put the full force of rail and our team’s expertise at the service of our customers for their freight transport.

Lineas, your freight force.

Door-to-door solutions


Our mission is to offer such superior rail products and services that customers shift the transport of their goods from road to rail. This allows them to improve their supply chain while decreasing their impact on climate, mobility and air pollution.

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Different types of transport

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Our Green Xpress Network provides fast, reliable and sustainable connections between European economic hubs.

We need a modal shift

Freight transport represents almost 10% of all CO2 emissions in Europe. This is mainly caused by our heavy reliance on trucks, as 75% of the entire freight sector is done over the road.

 By 2030, freight transport is expected to grow by 30%. If nothing changes, the impact on our environment and society will be disastrous. 

We urgently need a modal shift from road to rail and create a more intelligent transport mix to improve mobility, air quality and reduce carbon emissions.