Our innovations contribute to the increased reliability and efficiency of your transport.

Track and trace

Knowing when your cargo will arrive is critical to downstream logistics planning, and can reduce hassle, cost and wastage. Our track and trace service allows you to follow the progress of transported freight from the pick-up to the agreed delivery point, via your computer or smart phone. In case of any unforeseen delay we will send you a notification on changed ETA.

Online transport configuration

Booking rail transport around Europe is simple and fast. The online planning tool for our Green Xpress Network helps you to explore our services and configure a freight itinerary. In return we will provide a fast quote as well as a clear overview of pick-up and delivery times.

Process automation

We have developed two applications to help improve the efficiency and accountability of your transport and on-site operations. You can either license this software, or access it as a part of a package of our services.

Rail information train assistant (RITA)

If information is power, RITA helps to empower your drivers to improve your rail freight transport operations. This tablet based app provides several important resources to locomotive drivers, including:

  • Access to digitized library of regulations, manuals and driver information
  • Real-time two-way communication with dispatch centre
  • Improved, targeted and tracked safety and infrastructure communications
  • Structured feedback channel to help manage incidents and deviations

Mobile information assistant (MIA)

MIA simplifies the daily wagon check. It is an application that streamlines operational processes and data sharing. It gives your ground staff their daily work instructions, displayed in simple digital format. It also provides them with the tools and information to help complete the job and communicate simply and seamlessly with all relevant parties. Ground staff can use the app to:

  • Find details about wagons
  • Take, store and analyse photos
  • Visualize tracks & availability ground operators
  • Create missions for ground operators
  • Provide data to managers, analysts, clients, drivers and service providers
  • Improve the safety, quality & productivity of your operations, by increasing awareness of mistakes in the wagon system

Our other services

Next to end-to-end logistics solutions, we offer a range of other services to make sure your freight arrives safe and sound at its destination.