Fleet advice

Our experts also offer customers advice on how to optimize their fleet on a single service or project basis (even if we do not manage your fleet). Our experience tells us that every client’s optimal asset strategy will be specific to both their context and existing fleet. We take pride in developing bespoke solutions that are focussed on viability for your business.

Fleet optimization and modifications

Our approach starts from your problem and is aimed at providing innovative ideas to create a solution. Optimizations can often be achieved through process efficiency and ‘right sizing’ your fleet, but can also include fleet modifications (see beneath). The goal is maximum usage at the lowest cost.

Types of fleet optimization projects can include:

  • choosing the right (type and number) of assets
  • defining the optimal financing scheme for asset investment
  • benchmarking the different assets of different Rail Undertakers
  • leading a tender for asset leasing
  • analysing total cost of ownership and energy consumption

We can also deliver complex fleet modifications projects to adapt your assets to your transport needs, by adapting your wagon and locomotive stock. In support of your fleet modification needs, we help develop and lead tenders.

Our other services

Next to end-to-end logistics solutions, we offer a range of other services to make sure your freight arrives safe and sound at its destination.