Lineas Intermodal's LORO link has already kept more than 35,000 lorries off Antwerp roads in 2018 

31 October 2018


Between January and September 2018 Lineas Intermodal has kept more than 35,000 lorries (45% more than in 2017) off the roads in and around Antwerp with its fast rail link between the left and right bank of the River Scheldt (the 'LORO link’). That amounts to almost 1000 lorries per week. Lineas Intermodal plans to increase its capacity in 2019 in order to allow for growth, and is thus committed to a smarter transport mix in order to relieve mobility problems on the Antwerp ring road.

Since April 2016, Lineas Intermodal has been connecting the left and right banks of the River Scheldt in Antwerp with the high-frequency LORO link. This big investment is increasingly bearing fruit. The rail-freight transport operator has in fact already run 1,156 trains between January and September 2018, an increase of 34% compared to the same period in 2017. These trains have transported a total of 35,182 containers with a total weight of 565,930 tonnes, an increase of 45% and 44% respectively.

Sam Bruynseels, managing director of Lineas Intermodal, notes: "Customers can see the benefits of the LORO link. When the next phase of the roadworks for the Oosterweel link starts, the mobility problem in Antwerp will reach its peak - our roads will soon be at a permanent standstill. The LORO link is a concrete example of how we at Lineas are thinking creatively to improve mobility."

The destinations of the cargo transported via the LORO link are mainly international: a quarter of the containers transported then travel via the Lineas' Green Xpress Network to major European hubs, including Basel, Ludwigshafen, Lovosice, Wels and Vienna.

Geert Pauwels, CEO of Lineas, observes: "The LORO link is a local example of what we are doing at a European level with our Green Xpress Network. With this innovative rail product we want to shift freight transport from road to rail, thereby massively improving mobility, CO2 emissions and air quality. By 2030, freight transport in Europe is set to grow by at least 30% - imagine what the negative consequences would be if this all ended up on our roads."

About the Green Xpress Network

With the Green Xpress Network, Lineas is offering fast, reliable and sustainable connections between the European economic hubs. It is an end-to-end solution involving the bundling of different types of freight, ranging from steel, chemical substances and consumer goods to pallets and containers. With these bundled loads, Lineas capitalises fully on the strengths of rail: the sustainable transportation of large volumes over average/long distances and with a high frequency.

The GXN offering was launched in 2014 and now has 16 connections, including the Cologne Xpress, the Mannheim Xpress and the Vienna Xpress.