Lineas awarded VOKA Charter for Sustainable Business for third time in a row

23 June 2020


Today, Lineas has been awarded the VOKA Charter for Sustainable Business for the third time in a row. The charter is proof that Lineas is truly delivering on sustainable development in economical, sociological and ecological domains. As Lineas has won the VOKA Charter for three consecutive years, it will receive in October the UN Action Award for Sustainable Business as first Belgian transport company.

By 2030, freight transport by road will increase by 30%. If we take no action, roads will become even more congested than today and CO2 emissions will grow exponentially. Lineas is already a frontrunner in modal shift, transferring freight from road to rail.

Geert Pauwels, CEO at Lineas: The VOKA Charter is a great recognition for the team for all their efforts over the past years to not only promote the modal shift towards our customers, but also make our own ways of working more sustainable. It is a boost to keep pursuing our ambition to shift goods transport from road to rail all over Europe.”

Lineas’ mission puts sustainable development at the heart of Lineas’ core activities, leading up to 9 times less CO2, 6 times less energy consumed and 8 times less air pollution in the coming years. Next to these major environmental challenges, Lineas is also tackling other aspects of sustainability, like dealing with scarce resources, further investing in human capital and anticipating tomorrow’s needs.

A selection of the company’s sustainable initiatives:

  1. Lineas is replacing the brakes on its wagons to make them more silent. By 2020, 85% of the fleet will be fitted.
  2. Lineas has equipped its locomotives with energy meters to improve eco-driving. Continuous training for drivers further strengthens this.
  3. Lineas is a founding member of multiple coalitions that aim to double the volumes of goods transport by rail by 2030: Rail Freight Forward, Belgian Rail Freight Forum, 4F.
  4. Lineas is working with the NGO Natuurpunt to plant 10,000 m2 of trees in a nature reserve in Belgium to help enhance biodiversity.

About the VOKA Charter for Sustainable Business

By signing the VOKA charter for Sustainable Business in 2017, Lineas committed to:

  • Proactively integrate sustainable development in its company policies;
  • Define objectives and concrete actions in line with the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs);
  • Report on results to an evaluation committee;
  • Communicate externally about initiatives.

VOKA designated a number of experts in sustainable development to audit the submitted projects for compliance against the 17 UN SDGs.

About the UN Sustainable Development Goals

The 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the United Nations are a globally recognized framework to develop sustainable initiatives on various societal levels.