NEDMAG B.V. and Lineas: Accurate and reliable rail transport between Belgium and the Netherlands

05 September 2019


A good 1500 metres below the earth’s surface in the Dutch town of Veendam, NEDMAG B.V. extracts magnesium salt. It processes the salt with dolime to make high-quality Dead Burned Magnesia, which is made into furnace linings for the cement and steel industries.

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Wanted: a reliable transport partner

NEDMAG B.V. Imports dolime from Hermalle in Belgium. It's a challenging undertaking: “We have to be able to rely on accurate deliveries of dolime. We need at least three or four trips per week to keep our production process going. This puts high demands on the logistics company,” says At Plasman, Operations Director.

The solution: high-frequency rail transport

Since 1st January 2019, Lineas has been carrying dolime from Hermalle to Veendam for NEDMAG B.V.: 3 to 4 round trips per week, directly from the supplier to the factory. “Lineas's advantage is that they handle the first mile in Belgium, and their colleagues in the Netherlands do the same thing for the last mile in the Netherlands. The logistics is all handled from start to finish by one company, which is a great advantage for us”.

A promising collaboration

The interaction between the two companies runs well. Lineas looks at areas where NEDMAG’s supply chain can be made even more efficient and sustainable by rail. NEDMAG, in turn, is helping to introduce Lineas to carriers in the northern Netherlands so as to integrate the last mile into the transport process. “In any potential new working relationship, we always search for a win-win situation for all parties,” says At Plasman. “It was clear from our initial discussions with Lineas that they shared this view. That's why we chose them as our new logistics partner”.