A thirst for sustainability

22 January 2020


How Evian integrates its mission for natural preservation in its supply chain

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"We have a strong focus on preserving our natural mineral water source, which is in the DNA of our company and our plant," explains Simon Peres, head of primary logistics purchasing at Danone Waters. We are with him at the heart of evian's bottling plant. Around us, thousands of bottles ready for transport, foreseen by their famous logo: a contour of three mountains. Also visible on the horizon outside, they are imposing witnesses of the brand's respect for its origins and for nature. "Since 2017, the plant has been completely carbon neutral, thanks to many actions taken, for example the installation of 37 thousand square meters of solar panels and the use of green electricity via hydroelectric dams."

This green spirit is the common thread throughout evian's supply chain. Nearly 60% of volumes are transported by train, the rest by road or via multimodal solutions. “Evian has always been loyal to railways because this mode of transport corresponds to our commitments in terms of sustainable development," explains Mr. Peres. In addition, rail is in line with their sustainable development policy. "That's why we have a dedicated train station in our factory. It allows us to reduce our carbon footprint.”  

On the sustainable track: both evian and its partners

The main factor determining the choice of a logistics partner is the perfect match in their services between quality, costs, timing and - of course - environmental impact.

The partnership between evian and Lineas is the result of a joint process: "Lineas had already worked for us on some specific operations. We then realized that we share a number of values and approaches. Indeed, Lineas shares with evian a spirit of innovation and is at the same time a company with strong proposals. Finally, it is also a partner that is very active in the development of multimodal transport. » 

Since December 2018, the regular partnerships consists of a train transport of one to two times a week from evian to a major export platform in Antwerp.

We reach the end of our tour of the factory. In conclusion, Simon Peres adds, "In general, we expect our service providers to react to market changes and structural evolutions in our business, all the while integrating the preservation of the environment. Lineas was able to meet these expectations to optimise our flows to Antwerp.”