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Lineas and PCC Intermodal intensify rail freight services between Poland and Belgium

25 January 2021


The Poland Xpress goes from 3 to 5 round trips per week, adding 50% capacity for conventional wagons and 600 TEU per week.
Brussels, 25th January 2021 –Lineas and Poland-based PCC Intermodal increase the frequency of their regular connection between Belgium and Poland from 1st February. Having previously made three round trips, the Poland Xpress will now travel five times per week to meet a growing demand for intermodal transport to the region. The connection ensures 50% more capacity for our customer’s conventional loads and more than 600 extra TEU containers per week.

“Poland is one of the biggest markets for European rail freight", says Marius Marscholl, responsible for business development on the Corridor East at Lineas. Marius originally saw the need for the Poland Xpress in 2019 and played a major role in its launch inFebruary2020. “Directly after the launch, the COVID crisis broke out, causing 50-kilometre traffic jams at borders. The Poland Xpress quickly revealed its value and today we continued to smoothly serve our customers with a fast and reliable connection.”

“The travel time for the Poland Xpress is around 36 hours; I don't know of any previous connection by road or by rail that can guarantee that level of speed. And now we can offer that service to our customers Monday through Friday.”

Lineas and PCC Intermodal started their partnership with three open trains per week, travelling from Antwerp over Frankfurt Oder to Poznan. There, the wagons disperse across Poland and the containers continue their journey via the extensive and regular network of PCC Intermodal. While PCC Intermodal ensures coverage in the most important Polish regions and Far East destinations, Lineas offers rail solutions to the rest of Europe such as Italy, France and Spain.

“Following its initial launch in 2020, the Poland Xpress was an immediate success. Over the course of the year, more than 200 trains transported goods between the different countries it serves,” Marscholl added.

The Poland Xpress is part of both Lineas' European Green Xpress Network and PCC Intermodal’s Regular Rail Network connecting the Netherlands, Germany, Poland and Belgium. Goods coming from the East via Poland can connect in Antwerp to over 20 key destinations in Europe, and vice versa.

Half of the volumes on the Poland Xpress previously moved by road, making the service a prime example of Lineas’ Modal Shift ambition. “All our Xpress trains are filled between 95 and 100 percent capacity", Marius Marscholl ads. “Every train keeps 40 to 50 trucks off the road and shifts them onto rail.”