Live: Launch newest Green Xpress Train!

15 December 2020


Welcome to our Live Blog of the launch of our newest train in the Green Xpress Network! On 15th and 16th December, we will follow the first trip of the Xpress from Antwerp to Recklinghausen, Langweid-Foret and Wolfurt.

18-12 / 16:35

“Together with Lineas’ Xpress train, we connected the Swabia region with the Western Deep Sea Ports.” On Wednesday 16th of January, our partners from Karl Schmidt Spedition in Langweid-Foret, welcomed the first Lineas Xpress between Antwerp, the Ruhr and the Four-Country Region of Austria, Germany, Liechtenstein and Switzerland. The intermodal hub will allow companies throughout the Swabia region to shift their cargo from road to rail. Martin Bartl, Branch Manager Karl Schmidt Spedition: “We want to push sustainability and we have done the best we could to take freight off the road and onto rail.”

Karl Schmidt Spedition is the third stop of the newest route in our Green Xpress Network (GXN). Starting in Antwerp and passing through Recklinghausen in the Ruhr area, on to Langweid-Foret and Wolfurt, thus connecting the Swabia and Vorarlberg regions with the Western Ports and all of Europe. For this first trip, we partnered with RheinCargo, Augsburger Localbahn and RTS. Their locomotives drove the cargo from Recklinghausen to Langweid-Foret and on to Wolfurt. The new route is a major step in the Modal Shift, connecting a number of regions to a European rail network through the GXN.

16-12 / 19:21

And our newest Xpress has arrived at its final destination, the Combi Cargo Terminal in Wolfurt of @unsereOEBB. The Four-Country Region is connected to our Green XpressNetwork!

Robert Steger, Terminal Manager CCT Wolfurt: “the Xpress connects the Vorarlberg Region with the Ruhr area and the Western Ports. A direct rail connection was previously not possible and from those hubs, we are now connected to all of Europe by rail. Customers respond positively and are happy about the opportunity to shift their cargo from road to rail.”

16-12 / 18:54

The last stop of our newest Xpress is the Combi Cargo Terminal in Wolfurt of ÖBB. This terminal is truly in the heart of the Four-Country Region of Austria, Germany, Liechtenstein and Switzerland.

New Xpress to the four-country region outside Wolfurt

16-12 / 17:12

Earlier today our newest Xpress train connecting the Western ports with the ‘Four-Country Region’ of Austria, Germany, Liechtenstein and Switzerland, arrived in the terminal of our new partner, Karl Schmidt Spedition. The intermodal hub will allow companies throughout the Swabia region to shift their cargo from road to rail.

Martin Bartl, Branch Manager at KARL SCHMIDT SPEDITION GMBH: “We are pleased that together with Lineas, we can further intensify intermodal traffic in Langweid-Foret. Thanks to the new train service, we are making the SCHMIDT branch in Langweid-Foret available to other companies, and enable them to shift their goods off the road and onto the rails.”

New Xpress reaches Langweid-Foret

16-12 / 12:32

Our driver Christopher Mertens drove the first leg of our new Xpress Route yesterday. As a long-haul international train driver, we asked him: what does your day look like? “Depending on the destination, I drive four, five or six hours. Usually that goes quite smoothly.”

16-12 / 10:38

Our new Xpress from Antwerp to Swabia and Wolfurt is well under way. It will reach Langweid-Foret and Wolfurt today, where we ask our partners on the importance of the Xpress for them. Just like yesterday, we will keep you updated every step of the way.

New Xpress Train to Swabia and Wolfurt enters Recklinghausen.

15-12 / 21:26

From Recklinghausen, Jan Elfenhorst, Lineas Country Manager Germany and East Region explains the importance of our new Xpress train's stop in the Ruhr Area: “Our footprint in 🇩🇪 grows, with our hub in the Ruhr as its epicentre. This region is an important industrial area, but is also a turntable in the Green Xpress Network. We can connect with destination all over Europe and the Western Ports.”

And that concludes the coverage of our newest Xpress for today. Check back tomorrow to continue the journey to Swabia and Vorarlberg!

15-12 / 18:36

The train is nearing our hub in Recklinghausen. Did you know that from here, loads can connect to our other trains in the Green Xpress Network to continue their journey a large part of Germany, Czech, Romania, Poland... And of course, from today: the 4-country region!

The Vorarlberg Xpress is just outside Recklinghausen

15-12 / 15:43

Our driver for today is Christopher Mertens. We asked him what it's like to drive a new Xpress train...


15-12 / 14:24
Our new Xpress train departs from the Main Hub in Antwerp, first stop Recklinghausen. With this route, the Green Xpress Network now connects the Four-Country Region of Austria, Germany, Switzerland and Liechtenstein to the Ruhr area, the Western Ports and all of Europe! Our Head of Network Management & Alliances, Olivier Deprez: “With this new Xpress, Our Green Xpress Network today already offers regular connections to 22 key destinations all over Europe".