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We agree! Working with trains is very exciting. But did you know it’s also a huge responsibility? Safely connecting them, checking them thoroughly and making sure they reach the right destination safely, securely and on time takes skill and dedication.                 

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“A lot of people think that as a rail operator we just put wagons together and drive trains. We do a lot more. We offer a service to our customer and we think with our customer, also as a train driver.  We get the chance to launch ideas to make the rail transport more efficient or more popular”. 

Application procedure


CV Screening

Every job description is linked to our webform. Fill in the application form, attach your CV and motivation letter. Whatever the outcome of our first screening, you’ll receive an initial answer within a week.


Tel Screening

If your CV screening is positive, you’ll be invited to a call with an internal recruiter or by an external partner in its agency offices to check your motivation and get to know you better. If the screening call is successful, we’ll make our first interview appointment.


Interview & tests

Time to convince internal or external recruiter of your added value during a first interview. During a second interview, you'll also meet a potential future manager and some future colleagues. At this stage, we will run through the job description, validate the mutual fit and outline the training process. For some positions, we will ask you to take some simple tests to help us assess your motivation, competences and organizational fit.


Medical Examination

Some aspects of your health are crucial for us to consider for some positions in the field, given the safety requirements of these positions. Unfortunately, if you suffer from daltonism, or don’t hear perfectly, the risks of employment are too high. Because of this, you’ll be asked to go through a medical and psychological check-up with a doctor from an independent institution before we can make you an official employment offer.


Offer & Contract

Time to have all details about your contract and to sign it at this point. If you’ve made it this far, we’d love to work with you