Since 1st January 2019, Lineas has been carrying dolime from Hermalle to Veendam for NEDMAG B.V.: 3 to 4 round trips per week, directly from the supplier to the factory.
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"Managed single wagon load enables us to provide additional capacity at pre-determined moments. We work with fixed agreements and reserved capacity whenever possible. This makes the service less ad hoc than standard single wagon load."
Our mission: to offer superior rail solutions which enable our customers to improve their supply chain while decreasing their impact on our mobility, climate and air quality.
Volvo Cars and Lineas have been partnering for over 20 year for transport of production materials and finished vehicles across Europe and beyond. Erik Uyttendaele, Senior Project Manager Logistics Volvo Car Group, explains why Volvo Cars choses rail for their traffics between Ghent and resp. Sweden, Italy and China.
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