Our team

Our past has helped us create a powerful team. Lineas was built by a group of passionate people and has proven its ability to achieve forceful outcomes, to very challenging goals. We are fueled by the power of rail and aim to elevate it to new levels.

Team spirit has true meaning in our company. We are the best at what we do because of real collaboration across different teams, across different departments and across countries. We think and act as true entrepreneurs, responsible for our own actions, and with the guts to try out new things, be willing to learn, and to innovate. Above all, we take the time to listen to our clients and go all the way to create the best solutions for them.

A new dynamic in freight transport has arrived in Europe. At Lineas, we all truly want to make a difference, because it matters to our customers, because it matters to us, and because it matters to our future generations.

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"At Lineas, we lift the job of traindriver to a new level. To the next century. We're not just taking a seat and driving a train, we take into account the eco-impact of our train"
"Our organisation is still forming. I enjoy working in such a company without formal hierarchy for the sake of it. It gives me opportunities to grow and to take on projects outside my own comfort zone, but also of the company"

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Our management team

Both experienced and skilled, our management team is eager to take up the challenges ahead.
They operate as a dynamic and combative team and guide our organization towards sustainable growth in line with our goals.
"We want to offer such superior rail products to our customers that they shift the transport of their goods from truck to rail, in order to improve their own supply chain and to actively contribute to climate and mobility".
“We don’t know where we get our ideas from. What we do know is that we do not
get them from our laptops*. So let’s connect!"

* Quote from John Cleese
"Everybody has a strategy until they get hit.*
So let’s go for it full force!"

* Based on a quote of the famous philosopher Mike Tyson