Our solutions

At Lineas we are dedicated to continuously improving our core offering of dedicated rail flows, single wagon load services and intermodal products.

To help our customers make a modal shift from road to rail transport in Europe,  we have bundled-together the strengths of our wide-range of rail transport solutions into a breakthrough concept: The Green Xpress network, a door-to-door solution that fulfils all our customers’ transport needs.

Through the Green Xpress network, Lineas offers fast, direct, frequent rail connections between economic hubs in Europe, with excellent service and first and last mile solutions by rail or truck. Green Xpress products significantly improve the supply chain and the ecological footprint of our customers.

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"Managed single wagon load enables us to provide additional capacity at pre-determined moments. We work with fixed agreements and reserved capacity whenever possible. This makes the service less ad hoc than standard single wagon load."
Our mission: to offer superior rail solutions which enable our customers to improve their supply chain while decreasing their impact on our mobility, climate and air quality.